Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Orchid Meadow hardy orchids nursery grown from seed

Contact me
Contact me

Enquiries or to request a Plant List and order form: please use e-mail or send a S.A.E. by post.

e-mail: Anthony.heys@sky.com

Postal address: 14 Cullesden Road, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5LR

This web site: www.orchidmeadow.co.uk

Advice on how to grow the plants (Cultivation) is available on this website, but I would of course be happy to try to answer any further questions or problems customers may have, by e-mail.

I am always interested in your growing experiences, orchid anecdotes and queries, and also to hear from anyone lucky enough to have orchids growing naturally in their garden. Orchid material for propagation can be hard to obtain, but as the land owner you can grant permission. If you would be prepared to give or trade interesting seeds or sections of root for isolating symbiotic fungi then please do get in touch.