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Hardy Orchids

The Hardy Orchid Society / www.hardyorchidsociety.org.uk is the U.K. society for anyone interested in terrestrial orchids. Features: quarterly journal, meetings, plant shows, plant sales, field trips, conservation, photography etc.

The Alpine Garden Society / www.alpinegardensociety.net : similar to the H.O.S., but larger - hardy orchids are often included in their publications and activities.

Gardening with Temperate Orchids, by Richard Manuel, in The Alpine Gardener (Bulletin of the A.G.S.), September 2005, Vol 73, pp 286 - 301. A comprehensive article on how to grow terrestrial orchids, by an expert.

Orchids of Britain and Ireland, a field and site guide, by Anne and Simon Harrap, published by A & C Black, London, 2005, ISBN 0- 7136- 6956- x is a thorough and informative handbook.

Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe, by Karl Peter Buttler, published by Crowood Press, 1991, ISBN 1- 85223- 591- 8, is a good introductory guide to European orchids.

The Orchids of the British Isles, by Michael Foley and Sidney Clark, Griffin Press, Cheltenham, 2005, in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, ISBN 0- 954191617: comprehensive and informative.

For cultivation advice on growing Cypripediums see Werner Frosch's website www.w-frosch.de

Orchid Magic www.orchidmagic.f9.co.uk is the website of Bill & Sylvia Temple and is of interest to anyone with an enthusiasm for hardy orchids.


NE32 "Wildflower Meadows - How to create one in your garden" is a very good free publication which can be downloaded from the website of Natural England, the government adviser on the natural environment and manager of nature reserves. www.naturalengland.org.uk

Naturescape / www.naturescape.co.uk is a supplier of native British wildflower seed mixes, and has useful advice about meadow creation. I bought my meadow seed from them.

The website of the meadow I helped create at my daughter's primary school is: myweb.tiscali.co.uk/maguire/garden/

Wild Gardens, what to grow, how to grow it, by Jenny Hendy, Collins Practical Gardener series, published by Harper Collins, 2005, ISBN 0- 00- 718397- 6 : a useful book on meadow creation with detailed wildflower profiles.

Meadows, by Christopher Lloyd, Published by Cassell Illustrated 2004, ISBN 1-844-03066-0 : beautifully illustrated, packed with information and inspiration, plus there is a section on orchids.

The Wild Garden, by Lucy Huntington, Cassell's Garden Directories, published by Cassell & Co, 2000, ISBN 0 304 35486 4, is a useful and attractive book on creating wildlife gardens.

Plants & Conservation

These are some websites of organisations concerned with plant and general wildlife conservation which may be of interest:

The Botanical Society of the British Isles www. bsbi.org.uk

Plantlife www.plantlife.org.uk

The Woodland Trust www.woodland-trust.org.uk

The Wildlife Trusts www.wildlifetrust.org.uk

The Hardy Plant Society www.hardy-plant.org.uk is a national organisation with regional branches for gardeners with interests in specialised groups of plants, such as hardy orchids.


Orchid related
Les Hiboux / www.leshiboux.com is an 18th century Charentaise farmhouse with cottages for self catering holidays in the Deux Sevres region of France. Orchids thrive in the grounds and surrounding countryside.